Last week, Creascola organized a Parents’ Academy.  The topic was „English in Focus” with the aim of providing parents with a more in-depth understanding of the basics, goals, and direction of English education at our school.

During the event, our English teachers provided an introduction to what a typical English class at Creascola is like. The meeting was held bilingually, as is the case for some subjects in our school.

Among other topics, parents gained insight into how English lessons are built up (including ice-breaking activities and feedback), the types of group work and projects given in class and for homework, and were able to participate in a bilingual Chemistry lesson where they made a rainbow solution – a challenging task!

We hope that this experience will encourage parents to become more involved in our school-life. Overall, the event was informative, interesting, and had a positive atmosphere.

Dear parents! We would like to thank you for the facilitating questions and for the partnership!